Steps to Lash Lift: Looking Natural and Fabulous

Steps to Lash Lift: Looking Natural and Fabulous

Lash Lift is a new trend in the beauty industry. It allows you to skip mascara and go straight for liner without looking like you’re wearing fake lashes.

Lash lifts are a beauty treatment that can give you longer and fuller-looking eyelashes. They’re often used to condition dry or brittle lashes, but some use them as an everyday mascara alternative because they make the eyes look more awake.

Lash lifts are the new beauty treatment

Lash Lift is a procedure that can be done at home. It will take about 2 hours to complete the process, and the results are stunning and completely natural. For this tutorial, all you need is a lash curler, mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow liner (optional), an eyelash brush with very soft bristles for prepping lashes before applying lash glue, tweezers for removing excess lashes after application of lash glue, water-based makeup remover that does not contain oil or fragrance. With these materials in hand, you are ready to get started! The first thing to do is prep your eyes, so they are smooth and clean by using makeup removers on cotton pads over your entire lid area from top to bottom.

To perform this look:

  • Begin by using an eyelash curler on your natural lashes before applying some light-hold hairspray or gel to them.
  • Then take a small brush and dip it into the adhesive that came with your false lashes kit (or any glue).
  • Once they are dry, use tweezers to grab one strand of hair from the outer corner of your eye so that there’s no visible gap between each lash line.

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Do lash lifts ruin your eyelashes?

There is a lot of confusion about what lash lifts do to your lashes and whether or not they will make them fall out. Lash lifts are a semi-permanent eyelash treatment that can last anywhere from 3-6 weeks, depending on how well you care for them. They don’t damage the natural lash – in fact, it’s the opposite. A new set of lashes grows in while the old one continues to grow as well. This is why lash lifts are great when you have an event coming up soon but want to wait until after you’ve seen your results before booking a new appointment with your stylist for more permanent extensions. But there’s no need to worry because we’ll show you how to get all the benefits.

Lash lifts do not damage your natural lashes; in fact, they protect the roots of your lashes from breaking off when applying mascara. But if you wear makeup daily, lash lifts won’t work for you because they last only four-six weeks before falling out. If this is something that interests you, though, please consult with a professional about it.